Here is what I believe. All work is honorable and all workers and employers appreciate the contribution of the employee and what the employer provides. The vast majority of those employed spend more time at the job with their co-workers than they do with their own families. For many, it is the focus of their lives and is central to their well-being. Having a job is not only necessary in our world but gives a sense of purpose. Workers are people who deserve respect. Employers who employ them deserve respect as well.

It is my goal to make sure that all employees are fairly treated irrespective of their gender, age, race, ethnicity, national origin, sexual preference and social status. I am willing to work with employees and employers alike to accomplish this.

I recognize that employers need to pay attention to the bottom-line and to pursue efficiency in the workplace to meet profit goals and business needs. The challenges in the current economic environment demand a thoughtful approach to meet legal needs at the same time promoting the health of the business. The temptation to take shortcuts or to put off current issues until later is very strong. All too often shortcuts are mistaken for efficiency and knee-jerk reactions are considered being decisive.

Many studies have shown that happy, well-paid workers make more money for their employers than unhappy under-paid employees. So, there is a balance to be struck. I can help you get there too and enhance your bottom line through effective, fair and proper employment practices.

My Approach

While it is obvious that lawyers need to know the law I believe the most important "skill" a lawyer should have is the ability and commitment to listen. Listening is the door to understanding. Understanding is the key to effective representation. A lawyer cannot effectively represent a client until the lawyer understands the issues, the environment from which the issue arises and the needs of the client. I know that good advice must be preceded by effective listening. This goes for employees and employers.

My Promise

I will listen first. I will ask probing questions to enhance my understanding. I will give you the best advice I can based on my 27 years of experience.

Free Initial Consultation

Contact me for an initial confidential consultation to determine if your need and my skills are a good fit. I only take work that I know will provide superior value to my clients.

If I cannot help you I am happy to provide a referral that will work for you.